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From the file marked "Crossovers of the Damned"

Alagor turned his eyes to Moody, frowning slightly. "You remind me of Skeksis. Bird men from Shattrath on Draenor. Always skulking around and no one pays attention. Until Skeksis put knife in back. Then person pays attention for the rest of their life." He burst into laughter and slapped Moody on the shoulder, sending the man staggering. "Ah, cheer up, my friend! You are teacher! Is no better job in world! Come, we drink together!"

Moody righted himself at glared at the Dranei. "Pass, thanks." With that, he stumped out of the lounge.

"Do excuse Alastor," Dumbledore said, "I'm afraid he has little in the way of a sense of humor. He's seen far too much."

"I see far too much too," Alagor replied. "But I laugh anyway. Dranei have saying; Is never to bad to tell joke. If it is, then you have problem.."

"And what do you do if you have a problem?" Snape asked.

Alagor shrugged. "Tell joke anyway. Is important to die with smile." He grinned.

Dumbledore chuckled. "And a sense of humor keeps one's spirits up as well."

"Exactly! I tell Tula to smile because smile is easier then frown. But she only frown at me. Is very fustrating."

As Dumbledore and Alagor moved off, Snape frowned into his goblet. Alagor might have framed his comment to Moody as a joke, but Snape knew a warning when he heard one. If Moody wasn't what he seemed then every single student at Hogwarts was in danger, and Severus Snape knew what he had to do.
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