luthinuvielle (luthinuvielle) wrote in evil_plotbunnie,

I keep hoping I'm wrong...

Hello, first time I'm posting on this com but I wanted this idea out of my head.

Just imagine..

Secretly, Voldemort has become the world only master. Most peopole don't know it but the governments and every military organization is corrupt and follow all of his (obviously) evil ideas.

Everyone? Well, not entirely... One small group of indomitable people still hold out against the Dark Lord.

It's name? Al Qaida. Hiding behind this name, the true heros are fighting. Harry Potter, Chuck Norris, Naruto,
R. daneel Olivaw and their chief, hiding behind his beard, Gandalf.

I have to say that the original idea was from my brother. But it had me cracking up so...

Hope my english is fine !
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