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Crossovers that I should never write. Installment #466178123

But first, Jess Nevins does some speculating about Toy Story, and it is awesome.

In the criminal world, from Street thugs, to mobster, to pirates to the white collar predators who operate outside the law, there is a legend. A boogyman who stalks them, leaving behind the burning remains of their empires, and the sound of sirens ringing in their ears. He is the Phantom, an Immortal who walks through the world like a ghost and cannot be killed.

What they doesn't realize is that the Phantom is a legacy, an identidy that has been passed down from father to son along the Walker family line for nearly five hundred years, creating the illusion of an immortal being. When one dies, his son takes his place.

I love the Phantom as a concept. The quintenssential mystery man. But it started me thinking. 22 generations of Phantoms and presumably an infinite number to follow. What kind of people do they meet in that time? Who will they meet?

The Shadow obviously tops the list. I like to think of the Phantom as the Superman to the Shadow being Batman. Both war on crime, but with very different methods and yet, they're friends.

Batman too. Or even, Batman Beyond, which actually takes place around the time of Phantom 2040. Roughly.

Dexter Morgan is another one. I can see this going one of two ways. The Phantom either stops Dexter, or lets him be, recognizing that whatever else, Dexter is at least trying to prevent harm to innocent people.

There's Doc Savage of course, the undisputed king of the pulp novel and arguably their one true Superman, all comparisons to the Phantom aside.

Sailor Moon or pretty much any anime you can think of. I like Sailor Moon for the crack value, though.

Brisco County Jr. Would be hilarious. Especially if he ran into Jonah Hex. Hmmmmm, Actually, I like this one. *circles it*

Looking ahead, there's Star Trek, of course. Probably others I can't really recall right now. I'm up way too early for me, you see, for God knows why reasons, and this is my brain coming up with weird shit instead of craving sleep like it should be.

Other Phantom Crossover ideas that are strictly for the lulz:
Doctor Who
Iron Man
Dr. Horrible . . . Oh, I really like that idea.
Big Trouble in Little China
Harry Potter
The Mask
Honor Harrington
The Matrix

and so on.
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