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Because anything that makes me giggle can't be good.

Historical Fiction:

Teddy Roosevelt and Vladimir Putin team up to stop Stalin and Harry Truman from destroying the world. Because honestly, two of the greates badasses in political history working together can't be anything other then awesome. Samuel L. Jackson may also make an appearence. However, that much badassery may in fact, rip the universe a new one in the same way a collapsed star turns into a Black Hole.

How did they come back? Why are they trying to destroy the world? Not a clue, I've come up with several scenarios, each more fundamentally rediculous then the last.

Why TR, Stalin, and Truman are alive:
Meteors (Because meteors are assholes)
Cloning experiment
viral weapons
Time hiccup
Aliens. (Why did they do it? Science? Precognition? Nah. They did it for the lulz.)
Alien vampires. Again, for the lulz.

Why Truman and Stalin want to destroy the world, or at least refuse to accept that their actions will end in fire:
Insanity brought on by ressurection method.
Unable to accept that they've traveled through time.
Evil clones
Mind control victims. (It didn't take on Teddy. The control device couldn't handle the awesome.)
They got drunk on alien beer.

Alternatively, replace Truman with Andrew Jackson.

And goddamnit, this would make a perfect NaNo novel . . .
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