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Something that's been bouncing around in the old brainpan

Jane Foster needed help. She'd finally found the perfect man, and he'd gone home . . . to another dimenson and the wormhole had been permanently shut. For Jane was in love with Thor, God of Thunder.

Jane, however, is not about to give up. She's convinced that there's another way to Asgard and if that means searching through every single old text and scroll about mythology then so be it. She takes out an ad and to her surprise, the ad is answered by a traveling biker, Johnny. Johnny doesn't seem like the scholarly type, which makes it all the more surprising when Jane's assistant, Darcy indentifies Johnny as Johnny Blaze, the hotshot stunt biker.

And then the murders start, an evil is stalking the desert and while Johnny didn't do it, he's here for the one who did. Johnny is the Ghost Rider, a human/demon hybrid who hunts down the ones who escape from the lands of the dead and sends them back.

Ghost Rider, as it turns out, can travel to Asgard, but when they arrive, the real trouble starts. For it is the time of the Odinsleep, and the Ghost Rider does not belong in the realm of the Gods. His very presence is upsetting the balance of power in the Nine Realms and attracting all the wrong kind of attention. But so long as Odin sleeps, not even Ghost Rider can return to Earth.

Now, Ghost Rider and Thor must work together to keep, Surt, Lord of the Fire Giants from conquering all of Asgard even as back on Earth, the God Loki, posessing the body of Jane's mentor, Erik, must contend with a man named Mordo, who has plans of his own, and a dark master with the means to topple the Aesir and burn the Nine Realms to ashes . . . and Loki is the only thing in his way.

Note: In the Ghost Rider movie, Johnny was shown to have amassed quite the collection of books and other things in order to be ready when Mephisto called in his marker. I figure he probably taught himself to read Classical Greek and old Norse in the process and did his own translations,.
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